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Paving the route to excellence.


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DEENS’ – Designed to Educate & Empower Naturally


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Specially designed to ensure a safe, appealing and stimulating environment, utilising a cohesive synergy of nature and state-of-art technology.

The Deens Edge

In the Classroom

A private institution with a public purpose, Deens Pre-University College combines rigorous college preparation with a commitment and discipline
In our pursuit to obtain and create better options for our existing aspiring applicants, seeking support for competitive exams like CET and IIT JEE without having to spend too many long hours outside home, we are offering the PreUniversity courses with Science and Commerce in the first year with Karnataka State board syllabus paired with coaching for the competitive exams.
We are confident that our team of well qualified passionate teachers will work in tandem to achieve this vision


The faculty members were for the most part fantastic of quite helpful

- Thomas Shultz